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Conception, fabrication, et installation de solutions de Minigolf

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Siret  No:  53315092600020

Design, manufacture, and installation of Minigolf solutions

Here are some features that make our highly portable courses stand out from the crowd.

Quality synthetic turf

Gazon synthétique de qualité

Each mini golf course is made up of a piece of synthetic turf measuring 1 x 5 meters, and a removable contour made of PVC. Each piece is light and easily transported.

The undersides of the modules feature a rubber protection, which prevents the game from slipping and protects the room floors from scratches.

Various obstacles


Each course represents an excellent challenge and children and adults alike will have a blast trying out the hole in one go!

Easy assembly and assembly

Facile à assembler et démonter
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, each hole can be installed very quickly. This means that the installation of your 9 holes takes less than 25 minutes!  Disassembly is even faster….

Clubs, balls, cards available

Les accessoires (clubs de golf, balles et fiches de marquage) sont livrés avec la prestation

The accessories (golf clubs, balls and marking sheets) are delivered with the service

All Terrain

Nos revêtements de sol sont de haute qualité

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Our miniature courses are rain resistant and can be installed indoors or outdoors. 

Our floor coverings are of high quality and allow a high level experience for the most demanding golfers.

Easy installation

Vous pouvez installer un 9 trous

You can set up a 9 hole course in an area of 50 m2. It can also take 80 m2 and create an impressive attraction for a public event.

Play as a team

4 personnes par trou
  • With a possibility of 4 people per hole, you can easily entertain more than 30 people at a time.

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