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Louez un KIT mini golf extérieur ou intérieur
location minigolf
Rent an outdoor or indoor mini golf KIT


  Mini Golf is a mini golf game suitable for indoor or outdoor play.


Plastic parts  from 34 to 67 cm can  to be  asked  on gravel, grass, tarmac or indoors on all soils: real flexibility!

Create your mini golf course easily
The pieces are large, strong and easy to lay out on the floor (just put them down). There is a bridge, a toboggan, a 360, a sloping arc of circles, a warmup, a snails to climb, a volcano ... We play there like traditional mini golf: we aim for the holes in a minimum of strokes .

parcours de mini golf

This mini golf kit includes 9 sections of course , clubs of different sizes and several balls. It is up to you to arrange the elements in order to create your mini golf course or your mini putt golf course. Show your imagination!

A portable mini golf
You have understood it: we can create a large number of different routes. The parts are stored in a golf bag provided for this purpose. It's a kind of big cover. And to make things easier for you, there is even a manual for optimum storage of parts!

Once the minigolf kit is in the bag, it can be easily transported and stored. Finally, it's a portable mini golf!

Organize your rounds of mini golf at home. You can play in a group or in several groups, which can be on the same course. Care must be taken to space the golf putts.

If it's raining, don't panic! You can lay out all or part of the mini golf courses and turn them into an indoor golf course.

It's always wonderful, friendly moments to share!

A game for communities or individuals from 4 years old.

Un mini golf portatif
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