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RENT YOUR MINI-GOLF COURSE (from 1 to 9 tracks)


Come hit your putts on quality tracks that will offer you various difficulties.


Vous testerez votre adresse sur des parcours de mini-golf originaux. Pour tous types d'événements, nous proposons la location de parcours de mini-golf de qualité sur lesquels les participants pourront tester leur adresse.

You will test your skill on original mini-golf courses. For all types of events, we offer the rental of quality mini-golf courses on which participants can test their skills.

Each track has original difficulties and it will sometimes be necessary for the players to arm themselves with patience to overcome the obstacles. To win, however, they will have to succeed in putting the ball in the hole with the fewest strokes possible.


Pour des challenges de "trou en un"

You can rent 1 track, 3 tracks, 6 tracks or 9 tracks .

For "hole-in-one" challenges, you can even rent a track of your choice or even combine 2 tracks to increase the difficulty of the "hole-in-one".

The tracks can be laid outdoors on hard floors (macadam, cement, gravel ...) or indoors!

The undersides of the modules feature a rubber protection, which prevents the game from slipping and protects the room floors from scratches.


Démontables et d'encombrement réduit

Our large tracks ( 1 x 5 meters ) are easy and quick to install.
Removable and compact (one meter bag and 7 kilos per track), we can install them, or you can simply come and collect them from our premises. In this case, the assembly by you is explained and will be extremely fast.

We can optionally manage the animation of this activity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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