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At GolFun, we are great advocates for the role mini-golf can play in improving the mental health of those who play it.

We've already talked about the general benefits of mini golf and how it can be a potent source of endorphin production, the “happiness hormone,” helping to reduce stress levels, a problem closely related to mental health. .

But there are ways mini golf benefits overall mental health.

Here are the 5 reasons why we strongly believe that mini golf can be beneficial for mental health:



La beauté du minigolf est que c’est un défi pour tout le monde

Social relationships are important for maintaining a healthy mind, which, given the current circumstances, can be a challenge. Mini golf can provide a social activity that brings people together in a relaxed and informal environment, allowing compliance with all of the safety measures recommended today.

As the activity is mostly played on an individual and non-group level, participants can be social as much as they want, while still connecting with others.

The beauty of mini golf is that it is a challenge for everyone - there is no right or wrong way to do it. Overcome obstacles, unite people, and that is why it is so often used for teambuilding activities.




“Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety in all age groups. "

You don't have to go to the gym or sweat to get some exercise. Mini golf is a slower activity, suitable for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

Walking has a huge benefit for mental and physical health. Several parts of the body are previewed while playing, such as the muscles of the legs, arms and forearms.

Golf Putt



Partenaires de golf

Living in the moment, or being aware of the present, is the third concept of the 5 pathways to well-being. Taking a moment to enjoy the environment around you is something that we can all, leading busy lives, remember.

Many parks already have mini golf. So it's a great opportunity to get back to nature and have some time for yourself.



Learning a new skill helps improve self-esteem. It also encourages more social interaction, which, as humans, is one of our basic needs. Improving self-esteem is an important factor in maintaining good mental health.

Mini golf is such an accessible activity that literally anyone can do it. It's fun trying to overcome the obstacles on the circuit. While there are professional players who dominate every corner of the circuit, for most people, mini golf is all about problem solving and a bit of luck. Who knows, he might even become the next mini golf champion!

Couple jouant au golf
Comme le minigolf est une activité pour tous



People who engage in activities to help others are "more likely to consider themselves happy." As mini golf is an activity for everyone, it has been used in several inclusive events.

On the other hand, being an activity accessible to all, in an inexpensive way, allows the exercise of the body and the spirit, in addition to uniting the families and the friends, before, during and after each match, allowing the sharing of positive experiences.

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